What is Windshield Skin?
Who developed windshield protection?
How does windshield protection work?
What are the benefits of Windshield Skin Proetection?
Is Windshield Skin easy to install?
What are the "slip" solution specifics for installation?
Does Windshield Skin Protection affect visibility?
How long does Windshiled Skin protection last?
Can Windshiled Skin protection be removed?
Can Windshield Skin protection be applied to any type of vehicle?
Why does the film appear to have spots or blur during cold or rainy weather?
Why does the film seem to have a haze-like appearance and/or distortion?
As a dealer I am concerned that customers can see the price of material if they look online.
What if the film didn't prevent my windshield from breaking?
Wipers stick or chatter.
Does the Windshield Skin® meet the legal criteria outlined in the NHTSA Code of Federal Regulations and ECE R43?
Will it affect my windshield sensor?
How much does windshield Skin protection cost?