Our wipes are specifically designed to preserve the material life and durability of our Windshield Skin® Super Stretch line. Maintenance wipes are encouraged to be used every 6-8 car washes.



Revolutionary Technology

Windshield Skin Super Stretch utilizes groundbreaking features that set it apart from traditional windshield protectors, delivering unmatched performance and durability.

Easy Installation

With Windshield Skin Super Stretch, installing windshield protection is a breeze. The stretchable material and intuitive design make it simple for anyone to achieve a perfect fit.

Maximum Protection

Protect your windshield from cracks, chips, and other damages with Windshield Skin Super Stretch. Its advanced technology ensures unparalleled defense against the elements.

Long-lasting Performance

Windshield Skin Super Stretch is engineered to go beyond the warranty period with proper care and maintenance, providing extended protection for your windshield.


Easy Install!

I purchased Windshield Skin for my 2020 Supra 2.0 and was able to install in my garage in 20 minutes. Highly recommend.

Loni C.

Super Durable!

I purchased this back in 2022 and had a friend help me install it. I commute about 1 hour each day and store my vehicle outside. It’s been through rain, rocks, etc. and has kept my glass in good condition. Definitely worth it.

Bryon L.

Perfect Gift!

Bought this as a Christmas present for my sister that lives out of state. She drives from Indiana to California about 2-3 times a year. I installed it with my brother in law and she loved it. Provides all of us with some peace of mind while she’s on the road.

Aurelio B.

Good Clarity

Bought this product for my BMW 330i. Had a friend watch the install videos with me and we did it in about 15 minutes. Clarity was shockingly good. Couldn’t even notice that it was on.

Lenny P.

Windshield Skin® XP 12mm

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Easiest Install Ever

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