Worlds First Do-It-Yourself Windshield Skin® protection for street use?

Super Stretch DIY Material

Standard Street Use

DIY Installation Material
Pre-cut to your vehicle
Available for any vehicle
Impact resistant
Removable windshield protection

Want to learn more about 1 layer Windshield Skin® protection for street use?

1 Layer Peel-Away Material

Standard Street Use

Original Windshield Skin™ protection
SEMA award winner
Highest optical clarity
Scratch resistance
Professional installation

2 layer Windshield Skin® protection longer product life between replacements

2 Layer Peel-Away Material

Commercial Use

World's first ever commercial peel-away material
One installation = 2 peel-away layers
Absorbs the Impact
Exterior Endurance Hard-Coating
Professional installation

3 layer Windshield Skin® protection the longest and strongest protection

3 Layer Peel-Away Material

Commercial Use

Scratch Resistant
Offers Faster Run-Offs
Protects Vehicles’ Interiors
Absorbs the Impact
Professional installation



Simply choose the best Windshield Skin® material that fits your needs. Need help deciding? Let our staff help you build a program that out performs your expectations. Our company, Bray Group International, manufactures 6 different windshield protection materials in our windshield protection product line.

If you are looking for the clearest product possible we suggest the use of our Peel-Away material product line. This entails either 1 layer, 2 layers, or 3 layers of our PET Substrate. This material requires cutting and molding. If you are looking for a Do-It-Youself easy install with no molding required, then we recommend our Super Stretch material constructed with an ATPU substrate. The trade-off for being able to have a simple 10-minute DIY installation is the clarity. Super Stretch clarity ranges from 98% to 99% compared to Peel-Away with 100% clarity. Please reach out to our team if you have further questions regarding our 6 windshield protection materials.

Product Line Overview
Super Stretch Material
Peel-Away Material - 1 Layer
Peel-Away Material - 2 Layer
Peel-Away Material - 3 Layer