Vehicle Sponsorship

Vehicle sponsorships provide a proven strategy that benefits both automotive enthusiasts and auto parts vendors alike. When it comes to protecting your vehicle, nothing compares to receiving complimentary or discounted materials. Similarly, firsthand experience and personal recommendations play a crucial role in showcasing products. At Windshield Skin®, we're delighted to extend sponsorships to individuals who align with our values. These sponsorships enable enthusiasts to access our Windshield Skin® products at minimal or no expense, while simultaneously introducing our offerings to their circle of friends and fellow hobbyists. If you're interested in securing a sponsorship for your vehicle, please follow the application instructions provided below.

Media Sponsorship

At Windshield Skin®, we take immense pride in our craftsmanship and have full confidence in the functionality of our products. We firmly believe that our Windshield Skin® Super Stretch, and other products live up to expectations, and we accept every opportunity to showcase their quality. That's why we readily extend our products for media sponsorships. Whether it's through magazines, shows or other media platforms, we understand the role that media exposure plays in sharing products like ours with a wider audience. When it comes to automotive accessories, automotive enthusiasts deserve access to a comprehensive range of options. We firmly believe that Windshield Skin® products often emerge as the ideal solution to meet these needs. If you're interested in securing a media sponsorship, simply navigate to the bottom of this page and complete the requested information.