Lincoln Corsair 2020-Present


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Total price:$549.00
  • This item: Lincoln Corsair 2020-Present $299.00
  • Universal Kit $250.00

Windshield Skin™ Super Stretch kit custom fit to to your vehicle. Virtually eliminates broken windshields! Protects against rock chips and cracks!

Windshield Skin™ Super Stretch Protection Laminates

As much as automobiles have evolved over time, you’d be surprised to learn that automotive window glass hasn’t really changed in nearly 100 years. Until now. The tried and true process of placing a thick plastic laminated between to layers of glass is being redefined using Windshield Skin™ for automotive exteriors.

In this new windshield cover, a flexible glass-like material, impact resistance, scratch resistance and disposable Windshield Skin™ forms to the outermost ply of the factory laminate - effectively providing a durable, replaceable option, while improving the impact resistance and scratch-resistance of today,s automotive windows.