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Windshield Skin® is a
flexible, optically-clear material that protects your windshield from everyday impact and scratches (i.e rocks, sand, dirt, etc). Windshield Skin® forms to the outermost ply of the factory glass, effectively providing a durable, replaceable option, while improving the longevity of today’s automotive windows.


Your order of a Universal Kit or Vehicle Specific Kit will include:

  • Super Stretch material
  • Necessary tools for installation
  • One maintenance wipe (recommended to use after every 6-8 car washes)
  • Warranty hanger

Windshield Skin® Super Stretch is warrantied for 1 year. However, with proper care and maintenance, your Windshield Skin® can last up to 5 years! While we provide one complimentary maintenance wipe, we suggest buying our additional 4, 8 or 16 packs to use more frequently and best care for your Windshield Skin®.

Please note that all Vehicle Specific Kits will be 1/8”-1/4” smaller than the actual windshield. This small gap is required for installation and performance purposes. If you are looking for edge-to-edge protection, we recommend purchasing a Universal Kit or Roll Material where you can make the cut yourself.

Windshield Skin® Super Stretch is a DIY product that does not require any specialized training nor heating elements. On average, most customers spend 15-20 minutes on an install. Please see our video here for more details on how to install your Windshield Skin®!


Scratch Resistant
Optically Clear
Simple DIY Installation
Impact Absorption
DOT Skin Cancer UV Protection
Self-Healing Durability
Patented Material!


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